It’s called “The Sweet Science,” but there’s nothing sweet about boxing if you’re taking punches to the head while “whiffing” the air at a ghost of an opponent.  If this sounds familiar, sKrapper iNc can help with your boxing training.

From tournament/Golden Gloves prep, beginners to amateur boxers, or if you just want to work on your technique, Mark wants to bring out the best in you as a boxer.  His goal is to help you find out that you were better in more ways than you thought.

Sessions include heavy bag work, mitt work, and conditioning for boxing endurance. Based on your experience, Mark teaches proper form, techniques, defensive skills, footwork, and strategies, all to eventually prep you for sparring if you wish. If competitive boxing is your goal, sessions include training to increase your speed, and drills to maximize the length of your endurance for competition time.

*Learning great boxing technique will help you improve in other aspects of your fighting career or training. Mark can assist with MMA aspirations, practice in brazilian jiujitsu, as well as self defense.

Mark has coached a number of athletes in boxing, including a Golden Gloves champ, three Golden Gloves competitors, and is currently co-coaching professional MMA fighter Quinn Swift.

gear requirements

Until you’re ready to invest in your own gear, Mark can provide heavy bag gloves, sparring gloves, protective gear a jump ropes, and hand-wraps.