Q: How I contact Mark about my training inquiries and questions?

Email Mark on the contact page, and if necessary, a phone conversation or in person meeting can be arranged.

Q: Is there a required training evaluation?

No evaluation necessary, just a discussion and to see where you are at in your athletic, health, or fitness journey.  The conversation can start with an email on the contact page or in person.

Q: Is the first session free?

This is a case by case scenario. 

Q: Where does training take place?

Training takes place in the River West and Loop area of Chicago. Depending on your location, Mark is able to train at your residence or home gym if circumstances require him to. An increased training rate will be applied if your needs require at home training.

Q: Do you offer a package deal for training if I buy a group of sessions?

At this time, there are no package deals. Payment is collected per a session.

Q: I want to train boxing and fitness with Mark. Are there separate rates?

There is just one overall rate, regardless if it’s boxing, lifting weights, or fitness training.