Get busy doing = Get busy moving

Clients come to Mark because they want to learn how to improve themselves starting with their physical limitations and habits.  His purpose is to help each client work on their health and fitness needs. Together, your goals will be assessed in a conversation prior to your first training session: Why are you interested in having a trainer? (are you looking to lose weight? Maybe lift more of it? Do you want to be a stronger, better version of yourself? Run faster, longer… run without pain?)

Maybe your needs are more simple, but not easy for you on your own. You want to play with your grandchildren… on the floor. Play catch with your kids. Carry groceries up a flight of stairs… without having to catch your breath at the top.

Maybe your goals are even aesthetically driven: to look good naked. To get in shape for your wife, husband, or significant other. You’re in a slump and want to improve your confidence to get your dating life back on track.

Maybe you want to fit into that vintage G.I. Joe t-shirt…. from 6th grade.

Whatever the case, you both will determine whether your goals are realistic for you.

There’s a chance you may not have a goal right now, and that’s okay! Mark can get you trying something new, different, and add new habits sand some discipline to your routine. Remember, your level of “sweet” and “success” is personal and is different from everyone else’s. There’s a variety of training based on your interest, including, but not limited to:

Overall health and fitness
Weight loss
Weightlifting and resistance training
Conditioning for events
“Armor Building” (general physical preparedness)

Based on your needs, Mark develops a plan and routine for following the first session, which may include exercises you can practice in between sessions, as well as nutritional support to enhance your training success. By focusing on self-teaching, his clients can be more productive outside of their sessions. And with each session, you will figure out what you don’t know you don’t know.

Mark trains clients from all walks of life and has seen lifestyle changes in many of them: from people who never hit the gym in their life that are now there 7 days a week, as well as clients who have become training partners.

“My clients’ success in their training is my focus and their achievements becomes part of my achievements.these guys and gals make ME look good, thankfully.”