sKrapper iNc.

sKrapper iNc was created to remind us of an often forgotten part of the human condition: to move and to play.

Through sKrapper iNc, Mark’s intent is to teach; whether it be strength and resistance training for performance, general physical preparedness, weight loss, or an individual goal…but to teach you in a way that will benefit your everyday life.

The goal is to help you move and play the way you want in your sport, event, or physical therapy…most importantly, in all parts of life. Everyone has an ability to move and be physically motivated. A sKrapper’s mission and passion is to call to mind what we all forget about movement and play.  sKrapper INc wants to jog your memory... remind you of how to have fun while moving.  And maybe you end up bringing these principles with you outside of your “workout.”

Test yourself: physically, mentally, even emotionally. Mark's training and coaching style will help you create physical and mental toughness. He will show you that you are capable of doing more than you believe. His techniques will help you become more introspective, inspired, and motivated.

“I would be the first one to say: I don’t know what I don’t know... and sweet!” But Mark  would be the first to go find you an answer. From nutritionists, physical therapists, and experienced coaches in a variety of sports, sKrapper INc. is lucky to have an extensive network to assist in your health and training.